Perfectpays are underwriters meaning we processes our applications for approval, this means we will manage the credit checks address and bank account verification on your behalf.
Underwriting helps to set fair transaction rates for your business to trade, establish appropriate pricing and create a market for securities by accurately pricing investment risk.

What Does a Good Underwriting and Onboarding Platform Look Like?

‌Certain key features are common to all good underwriting and onboarding payment platforms. These are essential features of any platform that seeks to be efficient, scalable, and provide a positive experience for its users.

Many of the advantages of a payment platform stem simply from good design. But many others are unique hallmarks of the modern payment ecosystem. The key features and benefits of a good underwriting and onboarding platform are:

Modern payment facilitation platforms automate the underwriting and onboarding process. These ensure that underwriting and onboarding can be carried out with little or no human intervention. Using advanced techniques to automate the underwriting and onboarding process is more efficient, results in quicker turnaround times, improves user satisfaction and reduces the overall costs of underwriting merchants.

Process automation improves efficiency and enables scalability. In a world where customer demands, and instant satisfaction are rising rapidly, blazing-fast underwriting can make a big difference. Modern Payment Facilitation Platforms can carry out massive volumes of checks and audits, produce instant results, and ensure a positive merchant experience.‌

A good underwriting platform makes it easier and simpler for you to comply with tedious regulations, such as KYC, AML, and other card brand regulations. They ensure that all such procedures are transparent and easily audited, by aggregating them in one tool.

A proper underwriting process reduces the risk for both the payment facilitator, and ultimately for its sponsoring bank. It also builds trust with the merchants, and improves the payment facilitator brand recognition.

Merchant underwriting checks and only the first step in managing merchant risk. Risk monitoring should be performed on an ongoing basis. A good merchant underwriting should be accompanied by a real-time risk monitoring system. This will reduce the overall, and reduce the headcount as risk personnel will be automatically.

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Your business can accept Cryptocurrency  as you take payment from your customer anywhere, this is a  unique feature which Perfectpays can offer your business. Our platform is scalable and wraps around as your business as it grows 

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After looking far and wide for a payment provider to accept payments for our online pharmacy we almost gave up. Perfect payment accepted us with no problems.
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