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Perfectpays takes on the global banking cartels and the establishment policies by asking awkward questions, equalizing the stat quo for our customers! creating offering free choice and greater options to run your business.
Your Business can enjoy stability from our product and services supported by our unique platform with built-in cost efficiencies, options and more importantly help your business to know your customer is.
Imagine your company relating to your customers on their favourite channels, you can sell and take payments where your customers like to hang out, thereby creating an “enjoyable experience” for your customer.

What Does a Good Underwriting and Onboarding Platform Look Like?

‌Certain key features are common to all good underwriting and onboarding payment platforms. These are essential features of any platform that seeks to be efficient, scalable, and provide a positive experience for its users.

Many of the advantages of a payment platform stem simply from good design. But many others are unique hallmarks of the modern payment ecosystem. The key features and benefits of a good underwriting and onboarding platform are:

Modern payment facilitation platforms automate the underwriting and onboarding process. These ensure that underwriting and onboarding can be carried out with little or no human intervention. Using advanced techniques to automate the underwriting and onboarding process is more efficient, results in quicker turnaround times, improves user satisfaction and reduces the overall costs of underwriting merchants.

Process automation improves efficiency and enables scalability. In a world where customer demands, and instant satisfaction are rising rapidly, blazing-fast underwriting can make a big difference. Modern Payment Facilitation Platforms can carry out massive volumes of checks and audits, produce instant results, and ensure a positive merchant experience.‌

A good underwriting platform makes it easier and simpler for you to comply with tedious regulations, such as KYC, AML, and other card brand regulations. They ensure that all such procedures are transparent and easily audited, by aggregating them in one tool.

A proper underwriting process reduces the risk for both the payment facilitator, and ultimately for its sponsoring bank. It also builds trust with the merchants, and improves the payment facilitator brand recognition.

Merchant underwriting checks and only the first step in managing merchant risk. Risk monitoring should be performed on an ongoing basis. A good merchant underwriting should be accompanied by a real-time risk monitoring system. This will reduce the overall, and reduce the headcount as risk personnel will be automatically.

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Your business can accept Cryptocurrency 
as you take payment fromyour customer anywhere.
This is a  unique feature which Perfectpays can offer your business.
Our platform is scalable and wraps around as your business as it grows 

Digital Banking

Virtual IBAN’s

Payment Gateways

Digital Assets

Digitize Your Assets

Digital and Fiat Wallets

OTC/Buy and Sell



Extensive documentation for processing with us

Integration guide for a seamless integration for any scenario

Our USP's

One admin system

Receive all statements and invoice regardless of borders one platform

One diagnostics solution

Desktop & self-service Terminals 99% of the time fixed 20 minutes or next working day replacement

One Account Manger

Talk to person who is responsible to help you maintain and help your business grow in changing markets.

One Cart integration

Get your business taking payments quickly with 200+ global processor connections, 125+ shopping cart integrations and easy-to-use APIs and SDKs.

One unique loyalty scheme

Perfectpays payments merchants can offer prepaid cards to their customers, your customers will build cashback bonus for spending in your business. Deliver a seamless customer experience solutions customized for your business.

Offering Solutions Found Nowhere Elsewhere. ​

Payment solutions built for you

Create exactly the solutions you need to serve your customers and grow your business. Our modular platform allows you to choose just the right features, processors and integrations based on your business model — and then update them as your needs change over time.

Medical + dental

Keep medical practices running smoothly by enabling payments in person, online, over the phone, or through manual billing.

Subscription + membership management

Membership-based businesses like gyms and subscription services rely on recurring payments that just work.


Drivers now expect to pay for parking by card or even from mobile devices. We offer parking operators and equipment manufacturers simple, secure and reliable payment options for all types of pay stations, plus a range of payment devices — all

Nonprofit + charity

We offer payment processing solutions for nonprofit organizations that need quick, reliable and customizable donation processing. Accept donations online or in-person, set up recurring payments, and ensure that donors’ privacy is protected.


Helping vending machine and kiosk operators accept payments by credit, debit, closed-user-group cards, or mobile phone. Increase your revenue and decrease
costs by offering cashless payment options on your machines — simply, securly and
reliably. Our refined SDKs make integration easy and fast, allowing you to go to market quickly. And our reporting can use your machine’s built-in telemetry to help you stay informed.

Food + Entertainment

Giving diners the right payment options and offering a speedy checkout are key to
keeping them coming back. Perfectpays enables seamless payments for your food and entertainment customers — whether it’s fast food, fine dining or retail. Enable online, in-store, contactless and mobile payments to keep your restaurant businesses cooking. And easily power order-ahead and curbside pickup to meet the growing demand for convenient, contact free experiences.


Hospitality clients need the flexibility to accept a variety of international currencies
and payment types, support for online and in-person transactions, and the ability to offer a smooth customer experience. NMI’s feature-rich payment gateway solution can help you support your hospitality clients with all that and more.

Unattended + Self-Service

Self-service payments features, adding card payments to unattended payment terminals can be challenging. Our advanced features help you build solutions that are flexible and dependable. Easy unattended payments for every environment, Payments for parking, Payments for vending, kiosks and tolls, Payments for
transportation ticketing.

After looking far and wide for a payment provider to accept payments for our online pharmacy we almost gave up. Perfect payment accepted us with no problems.
Matthew Johnson